Getting more out of your fitness workout

Saturday, September 26th is Family Health and Fitness Day USA

Wednesday, September 30th is National Women’s Health and Fitness Day


Remember the Royal Canadian Air Force 5BX (Five Basic Exercises) Plan?  Hugely popular in the 60’s, it was simple to do, but boring as heck. I remember my dad struggling with sit-ups and tediously running in place.  It wasn’t long before his exercise regimen was history. To stick with an exercise routine, one needs a compelling reason for doing it.

cropped-HealthInkLogo-1.jpgI was not old enough at the time to think to ask dad why he wanted to exercise. He got plenty of activity running the family hardware business.  Maybe he was doing it because his friends were into it.  Perhaps he was concerned about his health. Finding answers to the question “Why am I exercising?” fortifies the endurance needed in the fight to be fit.

Along with the sheer enjoyment, some people exercise to work off excessive weight, relieve stress, improve athleticism, and/or train for sporting competition. If someone is exercising for his or her health, though, something more than mere muscle-flexing is needed. Consistent well-being includes living an active life with a spiritual focus.

My favorite fitness activities are…Read more

Classic baseball yarn a lesson on authenticity

It was a rough day in Mudville the story goes.  And the outcome didn’t appear too promising.  The game was in its final inning. The team was behind by more than one run and the fans weren’t having very much fun.

HealthInkLogo (1)The crowd’s hopes were all but sunk when it appeared their favorite son wouldn’t get a chance to face the pitcher.  You see everything depended on Casey getting to bat, so they believed.  There was Flynn at the plate, but he was “no good.” And Jimmy Blake was to follow, but Blake was “a fake.”  Alas, hope was slim as the team was bound to go down.

Miraculously Flynn and Blake got on base which gave mighty Casey the chance he needed to save the day.  A home run would win the game and the fans were giddy with excitement. There was pride in his demeanor and a comforting smile on his face as he confidently strode to the plate.  It seemed without a doubt Casey would end his team’s scoring drought.

I’m sure you are familiar with the story’s climactic finish. Casey standing there with a lofty gaze didn’t even swing at the first couple of pitches and with two strikes against him his visage turned first to stern resolve and then hatred.  Now was the time for a heroic ending to relieve any doubt, that was, of course, until mighty Casey spectacularly struck out!  Read more…



Preparing for the sprint of your life

At times, old age seems like an Olympic sport. Successfully maneuvering through this relatively new demographic depends on a certain amount of preparation, perseverance and endurance. It can be a Herculean effort that requires not a little confidence.

HealthInkLogo (1)“Perhaps two-thirds of all the people who have ever lived to the age of 65 are alive today.”

Peter Peterson’s “Gray Dawn” points out some sobering statistics about the aging of the world’s population and its impact on society. It’s unchartered territory.

And that’s what makes preparing for our “golden years” such a challenge. This many people living this long is a relatively recent phenomenon. Never have so many faced this situation. And it is creating a lot of angst for individuals and planners.

By what standard do we qualify as old? Read more…

More than the sum of your parts

What’s missing? No, not your keys… or your phone.

There are moments when you suspect deep down you’re not whole, when you feel you have somehow misplaced a portion of your soul. Nothing is clicking, joy seems a stretch or you’re just going through the motions in a haze of detachment.
HealthInkLogo (1)And you’re not sure what to do about it or that it is worth the effort to figure out.  For that matter, there is doubt that what you’re experiencing is even valid. I’ve had those misgivings.  I’ve also found success in challenging subtle feelings of personal inadequacy and experiencing fresh inspiration, fulfillment and presence. Wholeness comes when I take the time to look honestly at myself, all of me. Hear me out.

Most of us have become pretty adept at selfies on Instagram and writing a life narrative on Facebook and proclaiming, “This is me!”  Not even close. There is so much more to individuality than the smiling face at the end of a selfie stick and the posting of the latest conquests on a timeline.  Each of us is an intensely complex and uniquely elegant creation.

I’m not knocking social media.  Read more…

Live and learn and lead

Earth Day 2015: The global commemoration celebrates its 45th anniversary this year. It’s billed as the largest civic observance in the world. Healing the planet and its inhabitants is a gargantuan undertaking, one that requires insight and clear-sightedness.

IMG_0090“It’s our turn to lead” is this year’s Earth Day theme. It deserves our attention.  Good leadership is an area where the world frequently stumbles.  What constitutes a good leader is debatable, but one attribute is a must…wisdom.

President John F. Kennedy wrote, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”  It’s through learning that we gain wisdom. That’s also what King Solomon of Bible fame discovered. He was thrust into a leadership role after a rocky start when but a young man. At that moment, the first thing he does is ask the Lord for wisdom.  Read more…