About me and this blog

Let me tell you a little bit about me.  I write about the connections between health, thought and spirituality.

With a name like Salt you get special attention from your friends.  I have been tagged with many nicknames over the years: Salty Dog, Salt shaker, Salt-of-the-earth, spice-of-life, smelly Salt, NaCl (sodium chloride), saltine, and Morton Salt.  I am sure there are more.

I have also been called Dr. Pepper.  To be sure, I am not a doctor, but as you read my columns you can see I have a keen interest in health, especially the link between well-being, consciousness and spirituality.  A growing number of folks are exploring this subject and finding practical solutions to their health concerns.

Actually, the relationships of spirituality and thought to health and healing have received some intense scrutiny in the scientific and medical communities.  The connection is real.  The statistics bear it out.  And that’s why I am writing and blogging. I research the latest findings, share the ideas of experts, and contribute some of my own thoughts about what it all means.

My interest in health includes work as a Christian Science practitioner, helping individuals who are seeking a more consistent sense of wellness.  I am a contact for Christian Science in Ohio, so if you have any questions about it I hope you will get in touch with me.

My other work experiences have included education and proprietorship of a neighborhood hardware store. I am a native Ohioan and have lived within the same square mile my entire life. I don’t get out much!

I hope this blog informs and stimulates a sensible dialog about health, spirituality and consciousness.



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Writing about the connections between health, thought, and spirituality