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Preparing for the sprint of your life

At times, old age seems like an Olympic sport. Successfully maneuvering through this relatively new demographic depends on a certain amount of preparation, perseverance and endurance. It can be a Herculean effort that requires not a little confidence.

HealthInkLogo (1)“Perhaps two-thirds of all the people who have ever lived to the age of 65 are alive today.”

Peter Peterson’s “Gray Dawn” points out some sobering statistics about the aging of the world’s population and its impact on society. It’s unchartered territory.

And that’s what makes preparing for our “golden years” such a challenge. This many people living this long is a relatively recent phenomenon. Never have so many faced this situation. And it is creating a lot of angst for individuals and planners.

By what standard do we qualify as old? Read more…

Resilience – Choosing to Get Back on the Horse

“Courage is being scared to death… and saddling up anyway.” John Wayne’s on and off-screen persona has wide appeal.  His pick-yourself-up, shake-off-the-dust attitude made him a super star.

cropped-HealthInkLogo-1.jpgMany of us have something in common with Wayne’s movie characters; we have had to bounce back from challenges, rebound from adversity, dig deep within ourselves to find peace and normalcy. His resilience resonates with some part us.

“Resilience is that ineffable quality that allows some people to be knocked down by life and come back stronger than ever,” according to Psychology Today. Wayne made it look easy.

Most of us, however, don’t possess Wayne’s swagger.  And unlike the movies, life is not scripted, nor are happy endings guaranteed.  Yet, trust in something outside our own narrow perspective comes to the rescue in our despair.

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end,”  Read more…

Can you think your way to better health?

“Now think, men, think!”

Professor Harold Hill’s desperate plea as he stands before his ill-prepared River City Boy’s Band with a broken pool cue for a director’s baton, is the iconic and ironic highlight of “The Music Man,” the endearing stage and film musical.

cropped-HealthInkLogo-1.jpgHaving convinced the gullible parents that he could produce a band and taken their money for instruments and uniforms, the lovable con artist reluctantly turns to his own confidence scam, the “Think System,” in his desperate attempt to avoid the wrath of the townspeople as they are about to hear the not-so-melodious sounds of their children’s instruments.

Thinking actually had little to do with the scheme the professor devised. He was literally as well as figuratively handcuffed by a lack of musical know-how. Producing musical concord is a science, involving knowledge of the rules of harmony and their implementation. Ignorance of the principles and procedures ensures cacophony.

Health can be viewed in much the same way.  Read more…

Nudgin curmudgeon attitudes toward better health

Yep, another ‘significant’ birthday has come and gone.  AARP has extended membership benefits to me for… well, some time now.  And while I could be considered chronologically enhanced, I don’t consider age to be the topmost descriptor of my individuality. No way!

iStock photo
iStock photo

Age is a perception thing. The sooner we drop the stubborn views of aging from our constant contemplation, the better for our health. I am thinking of deleterious assessments like mental weakness, physical feebleness, illness – and the anxieties they all perpetuate.  Must aging be repeatedly linked with these complaints?

“Perception by the five personal senses is mental,” wrote Mary Baker Eddy, “and dependent on the beliefs that mortals entertain.” Believing that age must come with significant drawbacks only perpetuates those shortcomings. I guess you could say, you are what you believe.   Read more…

Health is more than meets the eye

“Who are you wearing?”  The favorite opening query of many a red carpet reporter is taking on new meaning these days for anyone focused on health.

cropped-HealthInkLogo-1.jpgA new crop of designers is making a name for themselves, but you probably haven’t heard of any of them yet.  Their creations are called ‘wearables’, clothes and accessories that monitor your body’s vital signs. It’s one of the hot trends in health care.

Everything from socks to bras to bracelets is included in the drive to weave technology into everyday wear for the purpose of evaluating our health. The idea is simple enough; collect as much information as possible about what the body is doing and evaluate the data.  Search for meaning and patterns in the numbers accumulated and hope it yields some practical information that can be applied to enhance well-being.

But not everyone is convinced the numbers add up. Experts are divided on whether they can deliver on the health promises being made.  After all, wearable health sensors, biometrics, and algorithms don’t begin to tell the whole story of you.  Read more…