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Getting more out of your fitness workout

Saturday, September 26th is Family Health and Fitness Day USA

Wednesday, September 30th is National Women’s Health and Fitness Day


Remember the Royal Canadian Air Force 5BX (Five Basic Exercises) Plan?  Hugely popular in the 60’s, it was simple to do, but boring as heck. I remember my dad struggling with sit-ups and tediously running in place.  It wasn’t long before his exercise regimen was history. To stick with an exercise routine, one needs a compelling reason for doing it.

cropped-HealthInkLogo-1.jpgI was not old enough at the time to think to ask dad why he wanted to exercise. He got plenty of activity running the family hardware business.  Maybe he was doing it because his friends were into it.  Perhaps he was concerned about his health. Finding answers to the question “Why am I exercising?” fortifies the endurance needed in the fight to be fit.

Along with the sheer enjoyment, some people exercise to work off excessive weight, relieve stress, improve athleticism, and/or train for sporting competition. If someone is exercising for his or her health, though, something more than mere muscle-flexing is needed. Consistent well-being includes living an active life with a spiritual focus.

My favorite fitness activities are…Read more

Health by the numbers

My dad dabbled in paint, mostly wall and house paint, but occasionally he tried his hand at a paint-by-numbers kit. Remember those?  Craft Master kits were the rage. Just follow the numbers and a beautiful picture appeared after some trial and error.

HealthInkLogo (1)In many ways, that fad reminds me of current health care approaches.  Get the numbers right and you paint a picture of health.  You might be familiar with some of those numbers, like 98.6, 120/80 and 72 bpm. And more complicated numbers are now being utilized with the advent of mobile tech and wearable sensors, all cataloging voluminous numerical sequences that are designed to uncover sharper insights into what’s going on in our bodies.

But then the old adage comes to mind, “You are much more than a number.”  Numbers can’t give an accurate snapshot of man’s essence.  His spiritual self or individuality is invisible to biomarkers and data points. He is as much about qualities as he is quantities. “Man is more than physical personality,” Mary Baker Eddy once put it.

I appreciate what Amy McGuire had to say at the recent TEDMED conference.  Read more…

Staying healthy shouldn’t be a high wire act

Congratulations to Nik Wallenda on his high wire feat in Chicago. I can’t imagine being in his shoes, but it got me thinking about the nagging fear that consistent, reliable health is on shaky footing.



Could you ever imagine walking a tightrope high off the ground blindfolded with no net to catch you?  One false step and…

HealthInkLogo (1)That’s a popular take on staying healthy: one wrong move and…  Any approach to wellness can be full of angst for those who feel it’s all about walking a fine line.  The question is: How do we stay grounded amidst the barrage of health worries and warnings?  Walking a spiritual path may be the best answer.

News, advertisements and water-cooler talk have encouraged incessant contemplation of ill health and the alarm that every malady the world has to offer is coming at us, ready to knock us over.  Fear for our welfare is a conditioned response educated in our culture, unleashing high anxiety when news about disease and contagion saturates public attention.  Read more…


Health is more than meets the eye

“Who are you wearing?”  The favorite opening query of many a red carpet reporter is taking on new meaning these days for anyone focused on health.

cropped-HealthInkLogo-1.jpgA new crop of designers is making a name for themselves, but you probably haven’t heard of any of them yet.  Their creations are called ‘wearables’, clothes and accessories that monitor your body’s vital signs. It’s one of the hot trends in health care.

Everything from socks to bras to bracelets is included in the drive to weave technology into everyday wear for the purpose of evaluating our health. The idea is simple enough; collect as much information as possible about what the body is doing and evaluate the data.  Search for meaning and patterns in the numbers accumulated and hope it yields some practical information that can be applied to enhance well-being.

But not everyone is convinced the numbers add up. Experts are divided on whether they can deliver on the health promises being made.  After all, wearable health sensors, biometrics, and algorithms don’t begin to tell the whole story of you.  Read more…

Soul searching or data mining; distinctive pathways to health

What do you see when you look in the mirror; those funny ears, plentiful wrinkles; your physical features?  Perhaps your attention is drawn to something less evident but more significant; the glint in your eyes, your expression and demeanor, unique soulful qualities.

HealthInkLogo (1)I ask because the way you see yourself has a bearing on your health.

Philosophers, religious leaders, poets, doctors and thinkers have wrestled with the nature of man for eons. More than an intellectual exercise, the thoughtful assessment of one’s identity has pushed the boundaries of care giving and medicine.  Case in point: the advances in integrative medicine, which takes into account the multiple facets of a patient, including their bio-psycho-socio-spiritual dimensions.

Just what are we…physical, spiritual, some kind of mix?  Read more…