5 Mile Mark

Runners @ mile-marker 5

15,000 people packed my small neighborhood yesterday, if only briefly, without even stopping to say hello.  They were too busy running.  Men, women and children of all shapes, sizes and ages were here giving their all in the annual Columbus Marathon.  I walked down to the end of my block to cheer them on. 

I live at mile-marker 5 on the challenging 26+ mile course.  At that spot, some runners were gliding along effortlessly.  Others plodded along in a rhythm that attested to the difficulty in having reached this point and knowing they had a long way to go. Continue reading 5 Mile Mark

A messy, messagy world

No wonder some many people are grasping their cell phones today.  3339 texts are sent and received by the average 13-to-17-year-old every month according to the Nielsen Co. as reported by the Wall Street Journal yesterday.  That’s over 100 per day! Adults are also texting at an increasing rate. 

According to WSJ reporter Katherine Rosman, this surge presents some interesting challenges.  She writes, “A text message’s content is so condensed that it routinely fails, even more than email, to convey the writer’s tone and affect.  The more we text, the greater the opportunity for misunderstanding.” Continue reading A messy, messagy world

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