Rethinking Today’s Medicine…Are Doctors Ready?

Spontaneous remissions of incurable illness, near-death experiences, and dramatic healings from integrative methods: Mike Denny has seen it all. Making sense of it has been his life’s mission.

HealthInkLogo (1)“There are events that occur that are not measurable or explainable by ordinary science,” Denny says. The retired surgeon got his start in Detroit, before settling in California in 1969. Maybe settling is not the best choice of words, since Denny’s extraordinary career spans the globe, not to mention many decades.

Early on, Denny discovered his “magnificent obsession” to become a doctor and “protect people from death.”  He recalls his very first case as a medical student, an unordinary one, when he was assigned to a patient who happened to have a spontaneous remission of incurable cancer. His professors and hospital staff couldn’t explain it.

Like all med students, Denny had been taught the parameters of scientific observation and evaluation, and the objectivity of the patient/doctor relationship without intimacy.  Read more…