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Jesus’ life: inspired and scientific

Ours is a world of immense complexity and confounding questions. Mankind’s devotion to science and to religion reveals our deep desire to make sense of it all.

Science and faith have revealed otherly realms normally unobservable to our physical senses.  Both have uncovered universes we never knew existed. From the macro to the micro, our accumulated knowledge has yielded information and wisdom which have partially tamed the physical universe and freed us somewhat from the bonds of materiality.

“You will experience for yourselves the truth, and the truth will free you.” Jesus’ statement uttered over two millennia ago is the impulse for the theology he taught. It also happens to be the underpinning of all scientific enterprise. Revealing fundamental truth is the incentive of religion and scientific endeavor. The resulting discernment encourages freedom to express mastery over life’s perplexities.

Jesus’ life was divinely inspired. His service to God, love of mankind, and unrelenting reliance on an infinite wisdom he referred to as “my Father” is obvious and recorded in Scripture for the ages.

At the same time Jesus’ life was profoundly scientific. How so?   Read more…

Did God Create the Universe?

Abracadabra!  That’s how it all began according to some of the world’s top minds, including famous scientist, Stephen Hawking.  The universe simply “popped into existence.”  And the rest is history…a 13 billion year old history.

On Sunday, August 7th the Discovery, TLC, and Science Channels premier a new series called “Curiosity”.  First up is a program focusing on the age-old debate of whether or not there is a creator.  Hawking hosts.

In a short interview with USA TODAY Hawking is asked why he is tackling the existence of God question. “I think science can explain the universe without the need for God.”  His rationale is based on the following logic:  If particles appear out of nowhere in the micro, sub-atomic world, as observed in experiments, why not on a macro scale?  After all, the Big Bang started from something no greater than an atom.

No matter what position you take in the God/No God debate, curiosities arise as Hawking has presented his case.  Continue reading Did God Create the Universe?