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A healthy portion of gratitude this Thanksgiving

by BigSisLilSis

Thanksgiving Day could be the healthiest holiday of the year!

There has been plenty of news coverage about the rising cost of ingredients for this year’s Thanksgiving Day feast along with recommendations about diet.   A big part of the celebration involves food and family recipes. But what might make this Thanksgiving a truly healthy day is not what is consumed, but the gratitude shared.

In President Obama’s Thanksgiving Day Proclamation signed last week, he reminds Americans to ‘set aside our daily concerns and give thanks for the providence bestowed upon us.’

Could that providence or divine care include health?  I think so.  There have been many studies linking spirituality to better health.  “Research findings are slowly coalescing into a coherent picture of how the human body and human health is affected by the perennial human quest in various forms for spiritual and religious truth,” according to a study published in 2005, HANDBOOK OF THE PSYCHOLOGY OF RELIGION AND SPIRITUALITY. Continue reading A healthy portion of gratitude this Thanksgiving

Life lessons from a turkey

Turkey has two definitions in my family. 1) A large North American bird.  2) An endearing term used to describe an individual who has flubbed up in some way.

And around Turkey Day (American slang for Thanksgiving Day) both meanings periodically come together to teach simple lessons about life and character.  

from *clairity*



One year the turkey (large North American bird) was prepared and placed lovingly in the oven to roast while the family went off to church to express gratitude for so many blessings.  Going to church on Thanksgiving Day is a tradition for us.

When opening the back door upon returning home, smoke came wafting out of the kitchen.  SAVE THE TURKEY! (large American bird) was the immediate reaction.  So I went to open the oven door and as I did, flames ignited around it.  Now the smoke was black and heavy. Continue reading Life lessons from a turkey