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Thinking Faster, Higher, Stronger

At times aging seems like an Olympic sport. Successfully maneuvering through this time of life depends on a certain amount of preparation, perseverance and endurance. It can be a Herculean effort that requires not a little confidence.

“Perhaps two-thirds of all the people who have ever lived to the age of 65 are alive today.” Peter Peterson’s, Gray Dawn, points out some sobering statistics about the aging of the world’s population and its impact on society.  It’s unchartered territory.

And that’s what makes preparing for the “golden years” such a challenge.  This many people living this long is a relatively recent phenomenon. Never have so many faced this situation. And it is creating a lot of angst for individuals and planners.

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Olympic state of mind: Celebrating youth at any age

The potency of youthfulness has never been more center stage than during the 30th Olympiad.  And while the speed and acrobatics of the world’s top competitors seem out of reach for most of us, the vitality of youth on display in London can’t escape anyone with the right mindset.

Slower, lower, wimpier. The antitheses of the Olympic motto, these weary conditions often framework the complaints of aging.  Growing old is a growing problem.  Does it have to be?

Fact: Half of all the people on the face of the globe that have ever reached the age of 65 are alive today. Longer lives are often accompanied by a diminishment of vim and vigor. The creeping limitations of physical and mental maturity can have a devastating effect on the quality of life and they are impacting a broadening segment of the world’s population and the healthcare systems that serve the elderly.

And despite the commercials repeated over and over linking pain and decline to aging, experts are now questioning that assumption.  Read more….