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Thinking Faster, Higher, Stronger

At times aging seems like an Olympic sport. Successfully maneuvering through this time of life depends on a certain amount of preparation, perseverance and endurance. It can be a Herculean effort that requires not a little confidence.

“Perhaps two-thirds of all the people who have ever lived to the age of 65 are alive today.” Peter Peterson’s, Gray Dawn, points out some sobering statistics about the aging of the world’s population and its impact on society.  It’s unchartered territory.

And that’s what makes preparing for the “golden years” such a challenge.  This many people living this long is a relatively recent phenomenon. Never have so many faced this situation. And it is creating a lot of angst for individuals and planners.

By what standard do we qualify as old?  Read more…

Running a thoughtful race

It was just over a year ago I started blogging.  One of my first posts focused on runners.  The following is an update of that blog. Enjoy!

17,000 newcomers visited my small neighborhood recently and most did not even stop to say hello.  They were too busy running and walking.  Men, women and children of all shapes, sizes and ages were giving their all in the 2011 Columbus Marathon.  I walked down to the end of my block to cheer them on. 

I live at Mile-marker 5 on the challenging 26+ mile course.  At that spot, some runners were gliding along effortlessly.  Others plodded along in a rhythm that attested to the difficulty in having reached this point and knowing they had a long way to go.  Some were loners, running the race at their own pace, listening to something inspiring on their iPod.  Others were running in packs, all wearing the same bright-colored tee shirts emblazoned with the cause they support while talking to one another and bolstering spirits.

As I watched, I could see the calculating going on in each of the runners.  The time clock prompted some to consider how they felt and how much drive they had left.  There were questioning looks about slackening the pace and looks of determination to step it up a notch.  Some took liquid at a water station a block down the street.  Many threw off their sweat shirts.  All this in the effort to get closer to the finish line.  

I really relate to this thoughtful process.  Running a race is as much about thinking as it is muscles and endurance.  Continue reading Running a thoughtful race