Throwing some light on the subject

To put out a fire, throw water on it. To stop shivering, throw on a coat. And in a broader sense, to erase the darkness of ignorance and fear, which often leads to malice and hate, throw light on it.

HealthInkLogo (1)My little granddaughter, Anna, and I were playing in my office one day.  She was not in a very good mood when she purposely turned on my floor lamp. One of its lights points downward, so I put my hands under it, pretending to amass as much light as I could and threw it on her.

She proceeded to do likewise, cupping her tiny hands under the bulb and tossing what she had collected in my direction. This game went on for some time, each of us gathering the light, pouring it on the other’s head, gleeful over our cleverness.  Read more…