True Love’s Algorithm

Looking for love? Want a lasting relationship? Content with your singleness, but enjoy solid friendships?

cropped-HealthInkLogo-1.jpgLove predominates many conversations this time of year. Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day, Singles Awareness Day (SAD) or avoid the whole thing, the deep seated desire to connect with others in meaningful affection is a recurrent impulse. What satisfies that yearning?

There are over 124 million singles in the Unites States, many of whom are looking for a partner.  The promise of finding that perfect someone is the hook of online dating sites and apps.  A billion dollar industry numbering over 2500 sites in the U.S. alone, these match-making services use complex algorithms to gauge compatibility.  It’s all about the numbers.  The hope is they lead to higher connectivity rates and more permanent bonds.

But do mathematical formulas equate to true love? Is there more to the science of love than a personality matrix? Can we go even deeper?  Read more…